PLEASE NOTE - as of January 2022, we are no longer selling registration keys for Markin and TexToys.

The product information on this site is now provided for information only. We will continue to support existing registered users until at least July 2022, but cannot support software installations on Windows11. If you wish to continue to use Markin or TexToys, please do not upgrade to Windows11.

This decision has been taken because we are not confident of being able to maintain and update our software in a way which fulfils Microsoft's requirements for Windows 11 software. We may eventually provide free versions of the programs, with strictly limited support and update provision.

If you need to have your existing registration key re-sent, or you are keen to use the programs even without a proper commitment to having support and updates, we may be prepared to provide a registration key on a strictly limited basis - please contact us by email for details.

What Is Markin?

Teachers working in modern, on-line learning environments need computer-based tools for marking their students' work, and Markin is an ideal solution for most electronic marking applications. If your students submit their work electronically, as document files and/or via email, you need to be able to mark and return these documents just as quickly and easily as you can mark work submitted on paper - and in some cases more quickly. This is what Markin is designed to do.

How Does Markin Work?

Markin is a Windows program which runs on the teacher's computer. It can import a student's text for marking by pasting from the clipboard, or directly from a document file. Once the text has been imported, Markin provides a comprehensive set of tools enabling the teacher to mark and annotate the text.

When marking is complete, Markin saves it as an XHTML document, in which the teacher's marks and annotations appear as coloured text. When the student opens this document in a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome), they can click on the marks to reveal more detail about the nature of the teacher's annotation or comment.

Markin can also export the marked work as a RTF file, which is more suitable for students who want to view it as a printout.

To find out more, please read the Features page, or have a look at the online tutorial videos. You can also download and install the program free of charge, from the download page.

Free Download and Registration

You can download and install the Markin program from the download page. This is a fully working program, but the length of the text you can import and mark using it is restricted to a very small amount. This should enable you to test the program fully, to make sure that it does what you need before you buy a licence.

To remove the restriction and enable the program to work with longer texts, you need to buy a licence, which comes in the form of a registration key - see the pricing page for details about pricing, and the ordering page for details of how to order from us.